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Microlight 2
Bent Shaft              
Canoe Paddle
Microlight 2 bent shaft canoe paddle
The Microlight 2 is one of our favorite paddles. The blade is designed with a dihedral surface on both power and back sides for quiet, efficient paddling. The Microlight was designed for racing but also works well for daytripping and extended trips. We select the lightest basswood for the 14 degree bent shaft and the blade is constructed of balsa, cedar, and poplar with and our impregnated resin tip and edges. The blade is reinforced with 4 ounce fiberglass cloth and the paddle is
sealed with epoxy.
Grip - Standard Palm
Lengths- 46-54"           
Blade 8 x 17"    
Avg. Weight- 18oz
Options- Large Palm Grip $8.00
Price $125
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