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  About FoxWorx Paddles

FoxWorx started as Camp Paddles in the late 1960's by Al and Joan Camp. Al was a marathon canoe racer and built his own racing canoes and paddles. He then started selling them to other racers.
We (Dale and Bev Fox and our sons Liam and Andy) bought the business in 1996 and moved it to Bainbridge. I started my interest in canoeing in the early 70's when I worked at Grumman's Canoe assembling aluminum canoes. I began flatwater canoe racing then and still enjoy it today. Our family also loves to canoe camp and have paddled many miles in the Adirondacks (our favorite spot) and many other rivers in the Northeast.
Our sons enjoyed canoe racing and Andy has guided BSA canoe trips through the Adirondacks for a few years and still love paddling today.

Our paddles are handmade with the best materials we can find. Most of the lumber used is harvested locally in upstate New York. We started with Al Camp's original design for the Standard but have added over 10 new designs of paddles  based on our 30+ years of paddling experience. We combine the native woods to the newest composite materials to create  lightweight tough paddles. The basswood shafts on FoxWorx Paddles have a warm comfortable feel and the blades are designed for a quiet entry with a solid catch and stiff power phase.
FoxWorx is located in the upper Susquehanna River Valley and is within an hour of 6 different rivers and 2 hours of the Adirondacks. If you are passing by, stop in and we will let you know where some of our favorite spots are. Enough web surfing....now  go out and paddle
See you on the water. .
Dale & Bev

Dale and Bev building canoe paddles
canoe and kayak paddles
Bev paddling the Rapidfire
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