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Foxworx Custom Canoe and Kayak Paddles
At FoxWorx we know that paddling can be a very personal experience. We can make a custom canoe paddle or custom kayak paddle that fits the way you paddle. We can change the blade materials or dimensions, make the paddle shorter or longer than our standard lengths. If you are very aggressive paddler we can add reinforcement to the shafts and blades. The shafts and grips can also be altered to suit your style of paddling. Paddles can be personalized with names, dates, pictures,and logos under the fiberglass cloth so the image becomes permanent.

Just give Dale or Bev a call or email to order your custom canoe paddle or custom kayak paddle


Promotional Paddles
Our Baby Bent shaft canoe paddle makes a great gift .We can print birthdays and names under the cloth.. 27" long. 
Blade measures 6 /12x 11 1/2"  
                                                                                                      Price $38.00

Call or email if you would like a Baby paddle personalized

Our Promo paddles measures 24", 36" or 48"  long and the blade is 4", 5 or 6"  wide . The 24" is made of clear white pine, the 36 and 48" use basswood. These are unfinished but different finishes are available.

Price     24"-$9.00
             36" -$13.50
             48"- $18.00

Call or email for prices for custom paddles

Paddle shown has been painted

canoe and kayak paddles
custom standard bentshaft canoe paddle