Holopuni Channel Crosser outrigger steering paddle
The Holopuni Channel Crosser alias da Beast, if you want to cross those big open water channels, barrel down huge swells, be in control for hours on end and get there !... this is THE outrigger steering paddle you want in your hands. The “Beast” is designed for just this assignment... and you won't be disappointed. This steering paddle has been used by Nick Beck of Holopuni Canoes for sailing outriggers in extreme channel conditions throughout Hawaii and Tahiti.
The Channel Crosser holds in and holds up.
Palm or T grip available.
Blade: 11 x 29"
Weight: 40 + oz
Lengths: 52, 53, 54 or longer by special order
Add grip tape to blade $30
Price $295.00
FoxWorx T grip
Holopuni Big Water  Outrigger  Steering Paddle