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FoxWorx Kid's Paddles
At FoxWorx Paddles we know that you would like your kids to enjoy paddling as much as you do. That is why it is important to get them started early with kid friendly paddles that are sturdy, lightweight and comfortable for them to use. We have taken our proven adult designs and scaled them down to produce excellent  paddles to get your child started paddling.We have made the shafts and grips smaller for comfort on the Arrow Jr and the Junior Standard canoe paddles. The blades are sized for children but still are reinforced with epoxy and fiberglass like our adult canoe paddles. Our kid's kayak paddle the Lil' Splash use a smaller diameter basswood shaft and the blades are also sized for children or even small adults.  We know from our own experience the pleasure of watching our boys grow as paddlers. Sure beats a video game!

Kid's Canoe Paddles

canoe and kayak paddles
Little boy with canoe paddle
Lil Splash kayak paddle
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Arrow Jr Straight
JR Standard Bent Shaft
Lil' Spash Kayak