Melo Outrigger Paddle
FoxWorx Melo Outrigger Canoe Paddle
FoxWorx Outrigger Melo blade
Melo outrigger canoe  paddle
The  Melo has a  cedar, balsa, poplar blades with walnut edges and tip that makes this  paddle a beauty to look at and to paddle with. The blade has a diehedral on the power side to help with entry and tracking; also stops any flutter. 4 oz.fiberglass cloth with double layer reinforcement at stress areas and 4 coats of epoxy make this a tough and durable paddle. The basswood 10 degree bentshaft oval is sealed with 3 coats of epoxy.

T grip standard
Palm Grip $6.00 extra
Lengths- 48 -54"        
Blade-  9 1/4 x 17"    
Avg. weights-22 oz
Price $109 
FoxWorx T grip