Stinger Kayak Paddle
A bent shaft or ergo shaft kayak paddle can make paddling much more comfortable especially on your wrists and hands. But the bend also limits where your hands can be placed on the shaft. We have found that a 5 to 10cm shorter paddle is more comfortable when using a bent shaft kayak paddle. Our paddles are set up as follows:  210cm -- 22" between hands  215cm -- 23" 220cm -- 24"  225cm -- 25"  230cm -- 26"
We can also customize the distance between your hands for an extra $15 Please email us

Stinger kayak paddle
The Stinger is designed for kayakers looking for high angle performance with a larger blade.  The blade is our fiberglass layup for stiffness and strength.Colors: yellow,orange, yellow/green and red/green (See Splash for colors)
2 Piece with aluminum ferrule feathered at 0, 60 degree right and left hand control
Lengths 210-240cm
Blade 7 3/4 x 17"
Avg. Weight 32 oz
Options: Available as Ergo (Bent) add $35.00
Carbon blade add $30 (shown)
Price $155

You can make your own custom paddle by sending us your own fabric. Contact us for information

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