Paddle Repair
Foxworx paddles are built to last but may require a little maintenance. At the end of the paddle season, give the paddle a good inspection. If repairs are needed let the paddle dry for a few days to a week before attempting a repair. Small scratches can be sanded with fine sandpaper (120 grit) and recoated with polyurethane or marine varnish, deeper scratches may need heavier sanding 60 grit and work to finer 120 and recoating with  a 2 part epoxy. We use Raka but West System or System will work also. We find a few thin coats work better than 1 thick coat. If the paddle has been used hard and the cloth is starting to delaminate, sand off the loose piece and reapply new cloth.
We do repairs on all types of wood, fiberglass or carbon paddles. Repairs start as low as $20.00 plus shipping, call or email us for an estimate
      Some of the repairs we offer:
                                    Broken and cracked shafts
                                    Broken and cracked blades
                                    Replace blade tips
                                    Replace grips

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